Glasshearts – Our Philosophy

Our Glasshearts are handmade with love; they are made from the finest glass at our Studio in the Adelaide Hills of Australia. Each heart is a work of art, individual and unique, making these beautiful hearts the perfect personal gesture, gift, memento or art piece.

Love makes the world a better place to live in. The heart is a symbol of love, and our Glasshearts combine the strength of the fiery furnace from which they are forged, with the purity and captivating beauty of glass. A fugitive and paradoxical material, being fluid yet solid, glass captures movement and emotion, strength and vitality.

The individual character of each heart is suspended within its core. The process of creation gives each heart a uniqueness that is impossible to replicate. This distinctiveness echoes the unique qualities that we all possess within ourselves. Each Glassheart is a symbol of love and positivity, and we want to share the love of their creation.

Our Glasshearts are the perfect way to show you care, and they speak a thousand languages.

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